So you're considering Speaking at the "Launch Your Shopify" Summit? 

Welcome!! I'm really glad you're here to learn more. Launch Your Shopify is hosted by the Rebel Boss Summit brand, founded by Eden Fried. Eden has hosted 10+ virtual summits, totaling to tens of thousands of attendees and hundreds of expert speakers. It would be an honor to feature you as our next expert!

Here's the general idea

A few years ago, I launched the Rebel Boss Summit, which features 30+ marketing experts who share the best tips/tricks to launching digital products online. 

In November 2022, I expanded the Rebel Boss Summit brand to feature the first ever Etsy Summit, with the goal of teaching attendees how to launch digital product shops on the Etsy platform. This summit welcomed over 5,000 attendees and when we hosted it again in May 2023, we welcomed over 6,500 attendees.

In September 2023, we will continue our mission to teach women how to launch digital products online, this time by way of Shopify! 

The "Launch Your Shopify" summit will help current or aspiring digital product sellers to expand their reach (and sales!) by setting up a Shopify website for their digital products.

There's nothing else quite like this one

Many people hosts summits, but not many of them focus specifically on Shopify and specifically launching Digital Products on Shopify! We have a unique opportunity here to make a huge impact.

September 26-29, 2023

The summit will take place over the course of 4 days.

25+ speakers

We will feature 25+ experts in Shopify marketing and digital product creation

6,000+ attendees

We expect to see over 6,000 attendees at our upcoming event (based on past results)

What sort of people will attend the summit?

Existing Shopify Sellers

A portion of our attendees will already have a Shopify store and they are looking to learn how they can improve their shop sales strategies and marketing strategies 

Current "Elsewhere" Shop Owners 

People who have shops on other platforms like Etsy, Amazon, etc, who want to expand to Shopify for more ownership and control of their platform.

Current Digital Product Sellers via funnels

People who already sell digital products, but not via shops. They have primarily used funnels and want to layer on the shop strategy.

And our summit attendees are Super crazy engaged!

This will be the first ever Launch Your Shopify summit, but our past Rebel Boss Brand summits feature highly engaged attendees!

Wondering why speaking at the Launch Your Shopify event is invaluable?

I promise, participating as an expert speaker at this event will be anything but a waste of your time!  

Position Yourself as a Go-To Expert

Spending 15-25 minutes talking at a well attended summit filled with attendees of your ideal audience will help you establish yourself as an expert in your niche.

Grow Your Email List

Our past summit speakers grew their audience by several hundred, and some even over 1,000+ of highly qualified, warm leads. This could be you!! 

Network with Other Speakers

We work hard to cultivate a supportive environment for all speakers to connect with one another in an introvert-friendly fashion. This summit could lead to your next joint venture, podcast interview, summit speaking opportunity, and more. In fact, our summits often lead to amazing amounts of connections for our speakers.

Make lots of money!

Yes, there's a TON of great opportunity to rake in the cash just by speaking at the Launch Your Shopify summit. Our affiliate program grants you 40% of every sale that you refer. Several of our past speakers earned over $1500 just by copying and pasting our marketing materials and sharing on social media and to their email lists. Easy peasy paycheck.

If the summit is free, how will you make money?

The summit is free, but there are several "upgrade" options for attendees to choose from. Immediately after attendees grab their free ticket, they'll be given a choice to upgrade to the All Access Pass Ticket or snatch up the Grow Your Shopify Bundle. 

As a speaker, you'll be registered as an affiliate and when you promote the summit with your affiliate link, you'll earn 40% commission on every sale you refer through your link. 

8% of our attendees upgraded their tickets in 2023

And this means we paid out several thousand dollars worth of commission to our speakers.

Our average summit order value in 2023 was $105 which means an average commission of $42 per sale.

Grow Your Shopify Bundle:

  • Priced at $97 (you earn $38.80)
  • Priced at $147 (you earn $58.80)

All Access Pass

  • Priced at $47 (you earn $18.80)
  • Priced at $77 (you earn $30.80)

Upsell options

  • We have multiple upsell options priced between $22 - $37
  • Over 30% of our buyers add at least one upsell option to their order

What our Past Summit Speakers Say

Alicia Rafiei

So 991 people (so far) signed up for my freebie!!!! And I was able to make an additional $391 from my tripwire offer. I made a few commissions on the ticket sales (not too sure of the number). And I was able to connect with other speakers. I'll be connecting with other speakers in the coming months to collaborate.

Anne Maud

My list grow about 1500 subscribers in 48h! Incredible. I signed up 8 new clients so far from my high-ticket 1:1 program and received loads of emails and DMs! My sales on Etsy went up too during the summit.

Michelle Berry

I grew by 550 new email subscribers which is awesome! I also was able to make many new connections and get to be a guest blogger for many of the speakers blogs which I loved! 

Sasha Hutchison

I grew 500 subscribers from the summit. I earned a decent amount of comissions. I did make a new connection and I plan on reaching out to the people who signed up on the networking sign up sheet. 

Faith Lee

I had around 250 people sign up for my gift in the Summit, made around $450 through my tripwire offer, and $930 in affiliate commissions through promoting the Summit and All Access Pass. Thank you SO MUCH for all that you and your team have done, Eden! I am sure things didn't go all that perfectly on the backend but from my perspective as a Speaker and affiliate promoter, the whole Summit went very smoothly! 

Lauren Keating

I grew my email list by 450 subscribers, and earned £350 through my tripwire! I also grew my instagram following by around 50 followers and had lots of requests for 1:1 coaching. Connecting with other coaches was great too as everyone had such different thoughts and ideas. Very happy with this result!

What does being a summit speaker involve for you?

Honestly, not too much! That's why speaking at this summit is so amazing. You get great value, without exerting a ton of effort. 

Here's what we ask of you:

  • Fill out a basic information / onboarding form (should take you about 15 minutes to complete)
  • Submit a 15-25 minute pre-recorded presentation on a topic that we agree upon (something related to selling digital products on Shopify of course!)
  • Participate in our promotional period by sharing the summit with your audience (via email, social media, wherever you usually interact with your audience) (You need to agree to our promotional requirement terms in order to participate)

Here's what YOU get in return:

  • The opportunity to be featured amongst our expert lineup
  • The opportunity to pitch your lead magnet at the end of your session and grow your email list
  • The opportunity to interact as a Shopify expert within our attendee community
  • The opportunity to network with other expert speakers 

** Promotion Requirements **

The shpiel... 

I have a considerable amount of experience hosting highly successful and well engaged virtual events. This will be my 11th summit, and my email list hovers around 20,000+ of engaged digital product sellers. I pride myself on cultivating top-notch, highly engaged environments for our attendees to learn, and for you to grow your reach. But that only happens when everyone does their part.

In order to achieve that goal, every speaker that agrees to participate needs to be engaged and committed to the mission. Trust me, you will benefit great from speaking (by a lot), so we ask that you do your part to share it with your audience. 

The promo requirement at a minimum... 

1 x dedicated/solo email to your full email list promoting the event

2 x social media posts where your largest/most engaged audience is promoting the event.

I will provide you with all of the copy and graphics to support you with promotion. It's my favorite thing to do!

The exclusivity requirement...

You agree that for the duration of the event (September 26-29) you won't take part in any other virtual event like speak at another summit or contribute to a bundle/giveaway that's on sale/available during that time, including hosting your own launch.

If you are unable to commit to these requirements, speaking at this summit is likely not a great fit for you. Feel free to reach out with questions.

If you agree to speak, these will be your next steps:

Step 1.

Check your email inbox 

We will send you a speaker onboarding form. We ask that you complete this as soon as possible. We will ask you to provide your social links, headshot, your presentation title and description and some other minor details.

Step 2.

Record & Submit your presentation

Your presentation should be 15-25 minutes long and should be pre-recorded. We will ask for you to adhere to our presentation guidelines (see below). Once your presentation is recorded, submit the presentation (by the due date). 

Step 3.

Sign up for the affiliate program and plan your promotion

We will provide you with promotional graphics, pre-written email and social media swipe copy, the whole 9 yards. Be sure to grab your affiliate link and use it when planning your promo.

Step 4.

Promote the summit during the promotional window September 10th - 26th 

In the promotional period, plan to share the summit via email and social media using your affiliate link!

Step 5.

Get Paid!

We will pay you commission for any sales that you refer to the summit using your affiliate link! You'll earn 40% commission for every sale.

Mark Your calendar

Here are Some Important Dates

If you have any concern with any of these dates, please don't hesitate to let us know and we will see what, if anything we can do!

Due asap

Submit your basic information form within two weeks after receiving it.

august 29th

Your Presentation is due on or before August 29th. Let us know if you have any issues.

Sep 10-26

This is the promotional period for the summit. We ask you to share widely during this time.

Sep 26-29

This is when the summit will take place and your presentation will go live at some point on one of these days!

Presentation Guidelines

We uphold very firm presentation guidelines to ensure that the summit is as beneficial to the attendees as it is for our speakers. We thank you in advance for taking note of these guidelines and for abiding by them. 

Summit Presentation Guidelines

  • Presentations should be between 15-25 minutes max (we value quality over quantity - short presentations are a-ok with us as long as it's value filled - long presentations with fluff will be asked to be resubmitted)
  • Presentations should be pre-recorded using a reliable recording application with quality audio and visual
  • Presentations are encouraged to be slide deck style or presentation style - viewers can get bored just watching you talk - so some visual aspect, whatever that may be (most typically slide decks) are encouraged
  • Please do not spend more than a minute or two introducing yourself - your expertise will speak for itself through your teaching. We want the majority of the presentation to be education focused.
  • Your content should be action oriented. Attendees should leave your session with a clear understanding of the steps they should take to reach the desired action. This is where your expert teaching comes into play! 
  •  Please make your presentation VALUE FOCUSED and shy away from the webinar approach to presentations (which tend to leave viewers understanding they need to change something, but lacking the resources to make that change).
  •  You may share a free offer (freebie/lead magnet) at the end of your presentation 
  • Please spend no more than 2-3 minutes talking about this offer. Mention of paid offers will be cut from presentations.Template timeline (1-2 minutes introducing yourself, 20 minutes teaching actionable steps to achieve desired result, 1-2 minute talking about your free offer).
  • Please leave space for a rebel boss summit watermark to appear in the bottom right hand corner of the screen
  • Our team reserves the right to ask for modifications of content and/or to refrain from publishing content for any reason or if it do not adhere to current presentation guidelines
  • Examples of great presentations can be found by clicking right here and also right here

Hmmm... But what topic should you present on?

There are a ton of presentation ideas...

Our number one goal is to get attendees to learn and understand how to be successful selling digital products using a Shopify shop on their website. You can present on any topic that achieves that goal.

Your presentation does need to be approved by our team in advance, so please touch base with Eden before getting started! 

Here are some examples topics - these don't need to be exact, but hopefully this list provides you with a jumping off point to come up with a stellar idea!

  • Leveraging SEO for your shop to grow traffic
  • Pinterest for your shop
  • Growing your email list from your shop 
  • Unique strategies to increase conversion rates
  • Examples of Apps that integrate with Shopify and why/how to use them
  • How to promote your shop on social media or elsewhere
  • Fulfillment best practices for your shop products
  • Leveraging the use of coupons in shop strategy
  • Gamification for your Shopify shop
  • Dropshipping and Shopify
  • Running sales (how & why, or if?)
  • How to encourage repeat customers
  • Why Shopify is better/compares to competitors
  • How to setup your Shopify site from the beginning (beginner style)
  • How to customize your Shopify site from (more intermediate style)
  • Listing Images for your products 
  • Listing Descriptions for your products
  • How AI can help and play a role in your shop development/marketing
  • Tracking your numbers & data
  • Finances/Accounting for shops
  • Pricing your products
  • Affiliate programs for shops

Naturally, you probably have some questions!

How do I record my presentation?

There are several ways that you can record your presentation. Create a slide deck. Use a screen recording tool. You can record using Quicktime Player, Camtasia, OBS, loom, or use any software that records your screen. Please avoid using zoom as it results in sub-par audio quality.

How do I send you my presentation?

Upload your presentation somewhere (Google Drive, DropBox, Vimeo) and make sure that you've enabled downloads. Submit your presentation through this link.

When is my presentation due?

You must deliver your presentation to me by August 29th. Please be in touch beforehand if, for some reason, this is not possible for you. 

Do I need to be available at any particular time during the summit?

Nope - unless you've agreed to be apart of a panel, there is no live component. No chat boxes or scheduled presentation time!

Do I have to promote?

Yes, we ask for all speakers to participate in promotion. We work hard on the backend to make the summit as amazing for attendees and speakers as possible, and we ask our speakers to pitch in to that effort by providing a great presentation and sharing the event with their audience. The success of the event depends on everyone chipping in to promotional efforts. We are confident that you will see how valuable this summit is for attendees and that you'll feel proud to share it with your audience.

When is the promo period?

The promo period starts on September 10th and continues through the end of the summit.

Looking for more?

You can get even more visibility by signing up as a Premium Partner

So, what do you think? Are you ready to sign on as our next Launch Your Shopify Summit Speaker?