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Lifetime access to summit trainings

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  • Lifetime access to all 25+ presentations so you can binge watch ($1400+ Value)
  • Downloadable MP3 files of every training so you can listen on the go ($97 value)
  • Slide decks to each presentation

Check out all of the products included in the Grow Your Shopify Bundle!

Build Your Shop: 14 Day Shopify Roadmap

Build Your Shop(ify) is a fillable workbook with daily to-do lists and additional resources (podcast episodes, tutorials, etc.) to help you launch your Shopify store. The file is delivered as a PDF with a link to access the workbook as Google Doc as well. 

Valued at $37!
Contributed by Erin Alexander
Open A Shopify Store

Open shop and list your digital products to start making money! Let's set up a store that your customers will love and allows you to get sales 24/7 

Valued at $122!
Contributed by Yadsia Iglesias
Digital Course Called - SEARCHABLE: A Shop Owners Guide To SEO

Improve your Shopify store search rankings so more customers can find your products on Google. SEARCHABLE: A Shop Owners Guide To SEO teaches you how to update your Shopify stores SEO so you can increase traffic to shop and earn more sales without paying for expensive ads.

Valued at $399!
Contributed by Sarah Jansel
Cart Converter

Grow your revenue by bringing back more shoppers to purchase their cart. Learn the strategies and how to build a high-converting cart abandonment email sequence in Klaviyo.

Valued at $200!
Contributed by Kris Daria
10 Ways to Get Traffic to Your Store without Instagram

Learn efficient, time maximizing strategies for real results, without having to show up on Instagram every day.

Valued at $47!
Contributed by Shelley Easter
Just Presell It

Got a new idea for a product but not sure it will sell? That's the power of a pre-sale, baby! Here’s my exact outline I use to presell something BEFORE I create it.

Valued at $49!
Contributed by Liz Wilcox
Rock the Facebook Ad Basics: Know the Technicals

Facebook Ad Basics stand by its name and it's designed to make your learning process easier with Introduction & Foundation, Ad Account setup, Pixel Installation, Detailed walkthrough of ads manager, how to choose objectives, and understanding FB Ads Policies. 

Valued at $97!
Contributed by Akshaya Naagar
Funnel GIFs Starter Pack

Keep your sales funnel On Brand & Less Bland with Funnel GIFs – a comprehensive collection of vibrant, animated elements, including arrows, shapes, text, and video backgrounds, meticulously designed and optimized to captivate your buyers' attention without dragging down your page speed.

Valued at $97!
Contributed by Jessica Santise
Strategic Marketing Workshop

Hey there, fellow business masterminds! Are you ready to level up your strategic planning game and create rock-solid business plans that pave the way for long-term success?

Introducing my exhilarating Strategic Planning Workshop, designed to equip you with the ultimate framework for building fully integrated business plans that align perfectly with your long-term objectives.

Valued at $67!
Contributed by Crystal Waddell
Simple Launch System in Notion

Shortcut your launch with this complete launch system built out in Notion that makes your promotions oh-so-easy to pull off!  Map out your promotions & sales in the calendar, then simply fill in the launch planner with all the details about your offer and, voilà, your sales copy is ✨ automatically ✨ generated for you - ready to go and make you those sales! And to streamline your launch process even more, you get a set of beautiful Canva social post templates to make it crazy simple to share your stuff online!

Valued at $108!
Contributed by Michelle Pontvert
Color Palette & Font Tester Template

If you’ve ever been working with your color palette and realize it's just NOT working well when you design, then you NEED this Color Palette & Font Tester. I created this template based off of the process I use to test my own and client palettes as well. This template is one I return to time and again because you can never test your colors and fonts enough!

Valued at $17!
Contributed by Kimberly Costa
Website Optimization Checklist and Workbook 

 Learn how to effectively optimize your Shopify store for increased traffic and better visibility online.

Contributed by Deonnah Carolus
Quick Win Workshop: How to Strategically Sell Your Digital Products on Shopify

Learn the tactics we've used to make over $30,000 in 45 days exclusively on Shopify. These are all the strategies that are working for us right now!

Valued at $97!
Contributed by Monica Froese
Planning Your First Retreat... Flawlessly

This comprehensive guide gives you everything you need to plan your first retreat and avoid the common rookie mistakes that cost you time, money, and clients. 

Valued at $97!
Contributed by Kim Gerrity
Marketing Your Shopify Website

This eBook will teach you everything you need to achieve your Shopify Marketing goals in 2023! It is time to step up and feel AMAZING about everything you are doing in your business! 

Valued at $15!
Contributed by Bria Boyd
Abandoned Cart Email Templates

Boost your sales with abandoned cart email templates & win back customers on auto-pilot with these 11 ready-to-use templates. These copy & paste, fill-in-the-blank style templates will save you time, effort, and the headache of figuring out what to write. Set up your own abandoned cart sequence inside Shopify in less than an hour!

Valued at $9!
Contributed by Janet LeBlanc
Product Launch Checklist

Get my exact checklist for 5 figure product launches without paid ads all on one google sheet 

Valued at $9!
Contributed by Kate McDonald
Shopify Store 360 Audit

From SEO, UX, and technical aspect, we'll identify areas of improvement in your website to help you gain more traction, leads, sales and better conversion in this free website audit! With actionable and easy to understand steps, so you can get these done whether you choose to hire a professional or DIY it.

Valued at $79!
Contributed by Rosette Pavia
Digital Product Creator Toolkit

So now you can dedicate to what you really are good at: creating.
Using everything included in this toolkit you’ll be able to earn passive income without having to worry about the boring and overwhelming side of creating digital products.

Valued at $27!
Contributed by Clàudia Orengo
Potty Training Canva Template

This 10 page Potty Training template bundle by Gold City Ventures will help you to easily create an in demand product for your e-commerce shop. Customize in Canva. Are you overwhelmed and want to create printables without all the time and effort of building something completely from scratch? For the seller with big goals and little time, this template is for YOU.

Contributed by Julie Berninger
Understanding Dream Clients Workshop

30 Min Online Webinar Learn the difference between your target audience and your Dream Clients - the ones who are "take-my-credit-card-I-want-the-transformation" excited to work with you. In this workshop, I break down the difference between two marketing strategy secrets, Desire & Motivation, and how to identify & attract more of your Dream Clients so you can make more sales.

Valued at $97!
Contributed by Taylor Smith
Refund Policy Templates

Increase your sales by adding a refund policy to your shop using the all-in-one refund policy templates pack! Whether you're selling digital goodies, hosting masterclasses, or offering coaching, our 10 tailor-made policies ensure you're always prepared—and our universal policy is the cherry on top.

Valued at $35!
Contributed by Michelle Murphy

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LIVE PANEL: “Ask Me Anything” (about Shopify!!)

Got questions? We're ready to answer ‘em! This panel will feature seasoned Shopify experts and marketers ready to help you figure out how Shopify can work for your business. We will answer as many questions as time allows, so make sure to mark your calendar!

Wednesday, September 27th at 11am EST 

LIVE PANEL: "Setting Up Your First Digital Product Shop"

Successful shop owners will recall their experiences getting their shops off the ground (everything from tech to promo). What worked, what could have been done better, and how their strategies have changed over time. Come ready with questions!

Thursday, September 28th at 11am EST



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With a VIP All Access Pass, you have access to the trainings for life! Access them whenever, wherever, however many times you wish! Sounds pretty amazing, doesn't it? That's because it is!

What's the difference between a free ticket and a VIP all access Pass?

The free ticket will give you access to the trainings for 24 hours each. After the 24 hours expire, you'll lose access. If you'd like to watch on your own schedule, as many times as you want, whenever you want (for life), the VIP All Access Pass is the best option for you.

Where Does The Summit Take Place?

The summit is a 100% virtual event. Tune in from the comfort of your own home. Wear your PJs if you'd like!

Is there a refund policy?

Due to the digital nature of the sessions and the instant downloads available, refunds will not be granted.

Do you donate a portion of your sales?

Yes! A portion of each sale will be donated! This year we are donating to the Black Mamas Matter Alliance (BMMA). This organization centers Black mothers and Black birthing people, advocating on their behalf, fueling researching, alllll the important things to make some much needed change for Black women, Black maternal health, human rights and justice. 

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Lifetime access to summit trainings

  • VIP access to all presentations on the first day of the summit - no waiting for you!
  • Lifetime access to all 25+ presentations so you can binge watch ($1400+ Value)
  • Downloadable MP3 files of every training so you can listen on the go ($97 value)
  • Slide decks to each presentation

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